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KCSI and its associates have a long history in the operational running of enterprise IT assets. As such, KCSI is not only involved in helping enterprises ensure the smooth operation of their mission critical systems, but also in the development of IT architecture at the planning stage to ensure that assets, once operational, will perform as expected with a minimal cost. Due to this unique mix of up front planning, building, and operational maintenance support, KCSI and its associates have developed several areas of expertise that produces solid value for our clients. Services that KCSI is proud to offer include:
  • Team Building KCSI has been extensively involved in building an operational team from scratch for a major government client. Operational staff require a more diverse set of skills than other IT resources, and as such KCSI has developed an interview process for identifying operational stars.
  • Technical Asset Planning KCSI has been involved in several projects to evolve a clients IT infrastructure from a cash hungry monolithic architecture into a streamlined, scalable robust architecture. KCSI has strong skill sets with major IT infrastructure components such as networks, hardware and enterprise software.
  • Apache KCSI has a very strong background in Apache from including coding customized modules through to administration. In a number of cases KCSI has customized Apache code for a client that solved more complex technical issues, and in some cases have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars due to increased performance. When experiencing issues with performance on an Apache web server, there are alternatives to simply buying more hardware.
  • Security KCSI has expensive experience in IT security. This includes threat risk assesments, security analysis, vulnerability assesments and software security auditing/testing. KCSI has particularily extensive experience in providing security assesments and TRA's within the Canadian government and is well versed in CSA and Treasury Board guidelines.
  • Software Development KCSI has extensive experience in software development, notably in C/C++/Unix, Java, Perl and PHP. Areas of experience includes transactional, web and telecom systems.
  • Gap Analysis KCSI has conducted several on site gap analysis of a customers IT infrastructure. A Gap Analysis of your infrastructure can identify such issues as performance issues, excessive costs and poor maintenance track records.
  • Monitoring KCSI can assist with your monitoring needs. This includes in house monitoring incorporating alarms and alerts on critical services, or external monitoring and performance statistics to ensure your web sites are operating as required, either through business directives or SLA's.
  • Business Cases KCSI has extensive experience in writing business cases to support budgetary considerations for projects/IT asset procurement. Notably, KCSI has been very invloved with business cases that highlight Total Cost of Ownership savings and IT infrastructure uptime.
  • Project Management KCSI has a number of experienced project managers whose goal is to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget, on specification.
  • Interface Design KCSI has extensive experience through industry relationships to a number of User Interface experts. From designing web sites to online applications, KCSI can ensure your clients experience will rate umong the highest on the web.
  • Contracting KCSI can provide resources on short or long term contracting assignments to support all of the above services.
  • Hardware KCSI provides hardware procurement, engineering, set up and operational proceedures for a vareity of hardware platforms. KCSI currently has experience in some of the latest technologies, including Blade Centers (IBM and HP), Storage Area Networks (HP, IBM and Hitachi), and switches such as the Nortel Alteon.
  • Associates Please feel free to browse our associates lists and assorted resumes.
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